Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birthday Party, Easter Eggs and a Shot from last Friday

What a day.
Played some Xbox 360 and spent a lovely afternoon with my daughter Alyssa at our neighbor Elle’s birthday party. It was good bonding time. The party was at Build-a-Bear Workshop.

Imagine if you will,,,,,,another time,,,,,,another place,,,,,,,,a place with MILLIONS OF SCREAMING 5 YR OLD GIRLS!!!!! AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! AAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!
OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, it wasn’t so bad. They were quieter than a typical dinner at Taco Mac. I think the count was 9 beautiful little girls, aged 3-9. They were well behaved, nice, polite and quiet, but of course, Gracie wasn’t there. :)
Anyway, here are some pics.

Alyssa and Elle waiting to have high pressure air ram some stuffing material into their new furry friends.
Alyssa looking at me hoping I'd put the camera down.

All the girls, after being wrestled to the ground by security. Ok, ok,,,,it was a game of "Ring Around the Rosie".

Alyssa dressing her new bear.

Beautiful Alyssa. Looks just like me don't she. :)

The whole gang.

After the Birthday party, we came home and colored Easter Eggs. You know I can't remember a time I ever participated in the coloring of Easter Eggs, but I did today. Good thing Vic was there to keep me from turning myself Blue.

I tried to get Gracie in the photo with the eggs, but she'd have nothing of it. She was busy being a frog or something.

And last but not least, if you haven't seen it yet, this is a picture of the tornado that struck downtown Atlanta last Friday night. It was taken by a local photographer Shane Durrance who was shooting lighting strikes that night. The tornado is clearly visible on the left side of the image behind the building with top lit up. The building I work in is just to the left of that building, one block away. Glad I wasn't there.

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Marianne said...

I would have paid money to be a fly on the wall watching Joseph with all those little girls. But knowing my brother he had them all charmed and had a blast himself. Hailey and Alyssa are so cute with thier beautiful eggs and although we may not understand; I'm sure there was some importance to Gracie being a frog or anything else for that matter. I wish I could be there with them. I have missed so much of their lives that sometimes my heart hurts but when I do see them and talk to them I am filled with so much love that it blocks everything else out. I miss my brother more than "I like to admit" (laughing and winking) and I miss my Vickie Darlin`. But spring is slowly on its way and soon it will be June and Hailey knows what that means. Love to all Marianne/Meme