Friday, March 14, 2008

Contact with the Enemy

The plan for an upcoming battle is good only til initial contact with the enemy. I believe Gen Eisenhower or Gen Omar Bradley said that in WWII. And you know what? It's true.

My plan was to lose 10 lbs per month thru Oct, a total of 100 lbs. On Feb 1st I was down 22 lbs, weighing 265. Today I did a mid-month weigh-in, and I still weighed 265 lbs. No change in 2 weeks. So much for the plan. Check please!

So, how to overcome? I feel like I'm starving now. I'll make at least 10 trips into the kitchen looking for food each and every night. I find myself doing it and not even realize I'm doing it. I'm working out longer each night with more intensity, so I should be burning more calories as I get fitter, but it's not evident on the scale.

So how to get past this point:
- Can't cut back on eating. Starvation doesn't do the body good. Need fuel and nutrients to stay healthy, get fitter and work out.
- Can't increase intensity of work outs too fast. Slow and steady improvements is best to avoid injuries. Especially since just 2 months ago my primary leisure activity was to ensure the couch stayed secure if Earth's gravity failed.

So what to do? I've thought about this all day, and have come up with the following plan:
- Monitor 'what' I eat more carefully. Choosing foods with less sugar and carbs.
- Eat a good breakfast and smaller meals for lunch and dinner.
- Eat several small snacks (healthy of course) between lunch and dinner.
- Do 8 minutes of exercise in the morning prior to breakfast. Calisthenics, exercise tape or something. Anything to get the heart going and metabolism up.
- Every hour, do 1 minute of something. Push-ups, sit-ups, lig lifts, squats. Anything to provide a quick pick-me up.
- Eat nothing after evening work-out. No matter what game or movie is on.

Now, I'm not a genius who just figured this out. I've scoured the net for ideas and recommendations, traded emails with Reger and selected these tasks as the approach for me.

So, in 2 weeks when its time to weigh-in again. We'll see if this has been effective. Wish me luck!

That's all for now.

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