Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thoughts of Ed Morrow

The tornados weren't just confined to downtown Atlanta. Today they're headed our direction.
Me and the girls are in the basement listening to the tornado sirens. We have food, water and entertainment. We're good.

Vic headed to Target on a secret mission while I stayed home with the girls. I was watching the news and radar and saw it was headed our way. Hailey made lunch for the girls while I assembled supplies and gear. After lunch, got the girls dressed, jackets on, shoes on and Hailey and Gracie ran supplies to the basement. Then the tornado sirens sounded. Vic was trapped at Target with no cell service, but we could text message back and forth. Fun times.

Everytime I hear those sirens though I'm reminded of the radio broadcasts of Edward Morrow during WWII in London. The air raid sirens were sounding in the background while he made his reports. No, I'm not that old, my dad had all his broadcasts on tape and used to play them for me.

An eerie feeling indeed.

But we're good for now. Watching the radar and taking care of the girls. I could kiss my neighbor Kurt for giving us this portable TV. Been able to watch everything.

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